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Time-Managed Group Psychotherapy

Effective Clinical Applications

K. Roy MacKenzie, M.D., F.R.C.P.C.

  • ISBN 978-0-88048-863-1
  • Item #8863


As managed care systems become the most important healthcare delivery models in the United States, they are revolutionizing the way that clinicians provide psychotherapy. Financial considerations and the size of client pools have an increasing expectation that group psychotherapy be the modality of first choice. In this new environment, clinicians must be thoroughly conversant in group therapy techniques to be effective providers.

Written by a leading expert on group therapy, Time-Managed Group Psychotherapy: Effective Clinical Applications provides new and experienced clinicians with generic models for the development of efficient and effective interactive groups able to deliver a wide variety of treatment options. It offers a comprehensive examination of the potential of group psychotherapy and an appreciation of time management in its utilization. Based on empirical research and illustrated with numerous examples, this text discusses a variety of treatment models that employ various combinations of supportive, cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, and psychodynamic techniques.


  • Understanding Small Groups.

    The psychotherapy landscape. A generic model of psychotherapy. The nature of the small group.

    Assessment and Pretherapy Tasks.

    Assessment of the patient. Formulation of a focus and interpersonal diagnosis. Group composition and pretherapy preparation.

    Implementing the Generic Group.

    The beginning: the engagement stage. Dealing with conflict: the differentiation stage. Interpersonal work. Termination. Therapist style and technique.

    Group Models for Clinical Service Systems.

    Planning for clinical group programs. Models of group psychotherapy.


    : Global assessment of functioning scale (GAFS). Global assessment of relational functioning (GARF) scale. Multiaxial evaluation report form. Psychological mindedness scale. Quality of relationships scale. List of important relationships. Interpersonal work sheet. Target goals form. Patient information handout: information regarding group therapy. Group report forms. Model confirmation letter. Crisis intervention group information sheet. Patient change measures. Group process measures. Current books. Source notes. References. Index.

About the Authors

K. Roy MacKenzie, M.D., is immediate Past President of the American Group Psychotherapy Association and Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of British Columbia. He has been a residency training director in both the United States and Canada and has authored numerous books on psychotherapy, including Introduction to Time-Limited Group Psychotherapy and Effective Use of Group in Managed Care.

As is rarely the case in ordinary experience, K. Roy MacKenzie's new book, Time Managed Group Psychotherapy, delivers far more that it promises. It is indeed an excellent guide to effective clinical applications of group psychotherapy in a time-limited context, but it is also a clear, systematic, and thoughtful presentation of basic principles of group psychotherapy in general, and it could well serve as a useful text in an introductory psychotherapy course.—International Journal of Group Psychotherapy

It is all-too-rare, yet delightful, experience to read a book that delivers exactly what it promises. The title of MacKenzie's book is clear, direct, and to the point, and so is his book. This is a lucid, information-packed volume on group psychotherapy by an experienced teacher and clinician. . . . Whether one is just curious about what group psychotherapy is and how it works, or is a seasoned group psychotherapist, this book is worth reading and would be a valuable addition to any library or course on group psychotherapy.—Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic

Dr. Roy MacKenzie, one of our most prominent psychotherapy researchers and clinicians, has written an exceptionally comprehensive and very timely book. . . . Dr. MacKenzie has provided us with a much needed succinct introduction to the critical psychotherapy efficacy studies, and utilizing a generic model of psychotherapy, has constructed a straightforward, highly appealing method for the conduct of group treatment for a multiplicity of psychiatric problems in numerous clinical settings. . . . Unlike many group psychotherapy texts, the author has integrated both biopsychosocial and multiaxial diagnostic approaches within his treatment model. Time-Managed Group Psychotherapy is a significant addition to our psychotherapy literature and should enable us to practice more sophisticated and effective forms of group treatments.—Jerald Kay, M.D., Professor and ChairDepartment of Psychiatry, Wright State University School of Medicine, Dayton, OhioEditor, The Journal of Psychotherapy Practice and Research

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