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Casebook of Psychosomatic Medicine

James A. Bourgeois, O.D., M.D., F.R.C.P.C., Debra Kahn, M.D., Kemuel L. Philbrick, M.D., and John M. Bostwick, M.D.

  • ISBN 978-1-58562-299-3
  • Item #62299


The practice of medicine is both learned and advanced through the compilation and study of cases—vignettes that record the presentation, diagnosis, and treatment of individual patients and diseases. This is especially true of psychosomatic medicine (PSM), which depends on the “compelling case” to distill clinical knowledge and communicate it to students, residents, and clinicians. An invaluable contribution to the field, the Casebook of Psychosomatic Medicine describes the psychiatric symptoms and/or illnesses managed by the PSM psychiatrist in collaboration with other medical colleagues. The book presents a broad range of cases illustrating the medical, psychosocial, and intertwined situations psychiatrists are likely to encounter in an academic medical center setting.

No other single volume offers a broader range of engaging, detailed, and nuanced PSM cases, or grounds them so firmly in a psychiatric, psychosocial, and spiritual context. Here are just a few of this patient-centered book’s most impressive and useful features:

  • The relevant science underlying each case is addressed in discussion sections, allowing the book to be read as a stand-alone volume. Alternatively, the cases can be read as instructive and insightful illustrations by the reader who has already absorbed the fundamentals of PSM from standard textbooks in the field.
  • This user-friendly book is organized by the organ system or disease type of the presenting illness or symptom.
  • Content rare in volumes of this kind includes detailed coverage of the diagnosis and management of cognitive disorders; the management of drug toxicity states; determinations of decisional capacity for medical decision making; and “stress and adaptation”, an issue the PSM psychiatrist encounters daily.
  • The authors strongly believe that one of the most crucial roles for the psychiatrist is in the medical center, and the book reflects that orientation.
  • The book addresses the importance of understanding the impact of patients’ systemic illnesses on their psychiatric symptoms, and modifying interventions and care accordingly. These abilities are critical to sound PSM practice.

Although PSM has a long and noble history, it is the newest of the psychiatric subspecialties, and as the literature expands, more and more clinicians will incorporate PSM treatment modalities into their practice. The Casebook of Psychosomatic Medicine is an essential contribution to that body of knowledge and establishes a new standard with which to face the future of this exciting field.


  • Contributors
  • Preface
  • Chapter 1. Challenges in Psychiatric Assessment
  • Chapter 2. Acute Mental Status Changes/Delirium
  • Chapter 3. Heart Disease
  • Chapter 4. Lung Disease
  • Chapter 5. Gastrointestinal Disorders
  • Chapter 6. Renal Disease
  • Chapter 7. Endocrine Disorders
  • Chapter 8. Oncology
  • Chapter 9. Rheumatology
  • Chapter 10. Infectious Diseases
  • Chapter 11. Dermatology
  • Chapter 12. Surgery
  • Chapter 13. Organ Transplantation
  • Chapter 14. Neurology and Neurosurgery
  • Chapter 15. Obstetrics and Gynecology and Pediatrics
  • Chapter 16. Pain
  • Chapter 17. Psychosis in the General Medical Setting
  • Diagnosis Index
  • Subject Index

About the Authors

James A. Bourgeois, O.D., M.D., is Alan Stoudemire Professor of Psychosomatic Medicine in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of California, Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, California.

Debra Kahn, M.D., is Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the University of California, Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, California.

Kemuel Philbrick, M.D., is Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the Mayo Medical School, College of Medicine, and Consultant in Psychiatry at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

John Michael Bostwick, M.D., is Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the Mayo Medical School, College of Medicine, and Consultant in Psychiatry at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

This compendium of fascinating cases, from the routine to the unusual, brings to life the content and practice of Psychosomatic Medicine. The volume exemplifies the utility of the case report as an essential form of clinical supervision. Clearly written and well referenced it should be on the shelves of both general psychiatrists and specialists.—Thomas N. Wise, M.D., Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Services, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

How lucky we are that Dr. Bourgeois and colleagues have given us a superb compilation of interesting and thought-provoking cases on psychosomatic medicine! This is a wonderful text to use for teaching and training students, residents, and colleagues about the complex nature of symptoms and overlapping clinical issues in psychosomatic medicine. Written in a very clinically-friendly format and style, this text is a very practical and needed text for our field.James A. Bourgeois, O.D., M.D., Debra Kahn, M.D., Kemuel L. Philbrick, M.D., and John Michael Bostwick, M.D.—Michelle B. Riba, M.D., M.S., Professor and Associate Chair for Integrated Medical and Psychiatric Services, University of Michigan

The Casebook of Psychosomatic Medicine combines the authoritative expertise of a comprehensive textbook, the sharp brevity of a pocket guide, and the wise counsel of a trusted colleague. The dozens of cases and discussions reflect our field's burgeoning evidence base as well as its inevitable ambiguity, and they demonstrate how expert clinicians conceptualize complex situations. Interesting and thoughtful, the Casebook is a unique and invaluable addition to the library of anyone who treats patients on the border between psychiatry and the rest of medicine.—John W. Barnhill, M.D., Chief, Consultation-Liaison Service, NY-Presbyterian Hospital - Weill Cornell Med Center, Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, Weill Med College of Cornell University

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