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Integrated Care

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Psychiatric Services

A Journal of the American Psychiatric Association Edited by Lisa B. Dixon, M.D., M.P.H. 2021

Clinical Manual of Psychopharmacology in the Medically Ill, Second Edition

Edited by James L. Levenson, M.D., and Stephen J. Ferrando, M.D. 2017

Integrated Care

A Guide for Effective Implementation Edited by Lori E. Raney, M.D., Gina B. Lasky, Ph.D., M.A.P.L., and Clare Scott, L.C.S.W. 2017

Integrated Care

Working at the Interface of Primary Care and Behavioral Health Edited by Lori E. Raney, M.D. 2015

Preventive Medical Care in Psychiatry

A Practical Guide for Clinicians Edited by Robert M. McCarron, D.O., Glen L. Xiong, M.D., Craig R. Keenan, M.D., and Henry A. Nasrallah, M.D. 2015
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