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Concise Guide to Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Fifth Edition

Mina K. Dulcan, M.D., Rachel R. Ballard, M.D., Poonam Jha, M.D., and Julie M. Sadhu, M.D. 2018

Concise Guide to Evidence-Based Psychiatry

Gregory E. Gray, M.D., Ph.D. 2004

Concise Guide to Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Third Edition

Principles and Techniques of Brief, Intermittent, and Long-Term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Robert J. Ursano, M.D., Stephen M. Sonnenberg, M.D., and Susan G. Lazar, M.D. 2004

Concise Guide to Anxiety Disorders

Eric Hollander, M.D., and Daphne Simeon, M.D. 2003

Concise Guide to Brief Dynamic and Interpersonal Therapy, Second Edition

Hanna Levenson, Ph.D., Stephen F. Butler, Ph.D., Theodore A. Powers, Ph.D., and Bernard D. Beitman, M.D. 2002

Concise Guide to Computers in Clinical Psychiatry

Carlyle H. Chan, M.D., John S. Luo, M.D., and Robert S. Kennedy, M.A. 2002

Concise Guide to Mood Disorders

Steven L. Dubovsky, M.D., and Amelia N. Dubovsky, M. D. 2002

Concise Guide to Psychiatry for Primary Care Practitioners

Edited by Michael F. Gliatto, M.D., Stanley N. Caroff, M.D., and Robert M. Kaiser, M.D., M.H.SC. 1999

Concise Guide to Group Psychotherapy

Sophia Vinogradov, M.D., and Irvin Yalom, M.D. 1989
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