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History of Psychiatry

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The American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

Looking Back and Moving Ahead Edited by Michael J. Aminoff, M.D., D.Sc., F.R.C.P., and Larry R. Faulkner, M.D. 2012

Changing American Psychiatry

A Personal Perspective Melvin Sabshin, M.D. 2008

Science and Psychiatry

Groundbreaking Discoveries in Molecular Neuroscience Solomon H. Snyder, M.D. 2008

American Psychiatry After World War II (1944-1994)

Edited by Roy W. Menninger, M.D., and John C. Nemiah, M.D. 2000

Black Psychiatrists and American Psychiatry

Edited by Jeanne Spurlock, M.D. 1999

American Journal of Psychiatry 1844-1994

American Psychiatric Association 1994

America's Care of the Mentally Ill

A Photographic History William E. Baxter, M.A., M.S., and David W. Hathcox, III, M.A. 1994

The Turning Point

How Men of Conscience Brought About Major Change in the Care of America's Mentally Ill Alex Sareyan 1993
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