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Learning Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

The Essential Guide to the Process and Practice of Mindful Psychiatry Debrin P. Goubert, M.D., Niklas Törneke, M.D., Robert Purssey, M.D., FRANZCP, Josephine Loftus, M.D., MRCPsych, Laura Weiss Roberts, M.D., M.A., and Kirk D. Strosahl, Ph.D. 2020

The American Journal of Psychotherapy

Edited by Holly A. Swartz, M.D. 2020

Competency in Combining Pharmacotherapy and Psychotherapy, Second Edition

Integrated and Split Treatment Michelle B. Riba, M.D., M.S., Richard Balon, M.D., and Laura Weiss Roberts, M.D., M.A. 2018

Narcissism and Its Discontents

Diagnostic Dilemmas and Treatment Strategies With Narcissistic Patients Glen O. Gabbard, M.D., and Holly Crisp-Han, M.D. 2018

The Art and Science of Brief Psychotherapies, Third Edition

A Practitioner's Guide Edited by Mantosh J. Dewan, M.D., Brett N. Steenbarger, Ph.D., and Roger P. Greenberg, Ph.D. 2018


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