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Treatment of Adult Survivors of Incest

Edited by Patricia L. Paddison, M.D.

  • ISBN 978-0-88048-469-5
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This volume is designed to broaden the clinician's treatment options and provide education on the multidimensional approach to the treatment of incest survivors. The wide spectrum of clinical approaches covered includes group treatment with incest survivors, sexuality-focused treatment with survivors and their partners, and the role of medications in treatment.


  • Relational Patterns in Incestuous Families, Malevolent Variations, and Specific Interventions With the Adult Survivor.

    Examines the relational issues that abound in individual, as well as group, treatment of incest survivors, concentrating on incest survivors for whom family issues complicate the treatment process.

    Group Treatment With Incest Survivors.

    Presents an overview of group treatment, examines the results of a group outcome study at the Mount Sinai Medical Center Rape Crisis Intervention Program, and provides a brief review of the prevalence data on sexual abuse.

    Sexuality-Focused Treatment With Survivors and Their Partners.

    A guide for clinicians in an important area in which very little has been published.

    Aspects of the Treatment of Dissociative Disorders in Survivors of Incest.

    Explores dissociation in its complex clinical presentation and suggests practical approaches to symptom formation.

    The Role of Medications in Treating Adult Survivors of Childhood Trauma.

    Offers a systematic format that covers when to intervene with medications, what medications to use, and for what duration of treatment.

    The Seduction Hypothesis 100 Years After.

    A critical look at one case through yesterday's standard of treatment and today's.

About the Authors

Patricia L. Paddison, M.D., is a psychiatrist with the center for Women's Health at the Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle, Washington.

An expansion of an APA symposium, this excellent work covers relational patterns in incestuous families, group treatment, sexuality-focused treatment, dissociative disorders, and the role of medication in treatment, as well as a conclusion by Jean Goodwin, 'The Seduction Hypothesis 100 Years Later.'.—Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic

All the articles provided a wealth of current information in a clearly writen and readable style. . . . I recommend this book for those who are seeking a brief and informative review of the topic, and those in a teachign role who are looking for an authoritative, comprehensible, and current overview of the treatment of adult incest survivors for their students.—American Journal of Psychotherapy

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