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Manual of Psychiatric Quality Assurance

Edited by Marlin R. Mattson, M.D.

  • ISBN 978-0-89042-232-8
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In keeping with previous editions, this manual incorporates responses to recent significant changes in the field of peer review, quality assurance, and utilization review, including increased involvement of federal and state agencies in quality of care review. Not intended as a standard for psychiatric care, this manual offers useful guidelines to those involved in quality assurance activities within hospitals and other health care organizations.


  • Quality Assurance and Utilization Review in Psychiatry: A Historical Perspective.

    An evolution of cost-control approaches to health care. Introduction to the American Psychiatric Association's involvement in quality assurance and utilization review. District branch peer review committees.

    Quality Assurance and Utilization Review in Psychiatry: Practical Issues.

    Defining and measuring quality. Concepts and definitions used in quality assurance and utilization review. Legal aspects of quality assurance. Ethics of peer review. Confidentiality. Credentialing of peer reviewers.

    Quality Assurance in Hospitals and Other Facilities.

    Quality assurance monitoring in psychiatry. The joint commission quality assessment and improvement model. Some suggestions for psychiatric quality assurance and risk management review activities. Developing a corrective action plan. The role of quality assurance in credentialing hospital medical staff. Quality assurance in military psychiatry. Quality assurance in the Department of Veterans Affairs. Quality assurance in jails and prisons.

    Review Criteria.

    Utilization review criteria for adult short-term hospitalization. Utilization review criteria for adult extended hospitalization. Peer review of children and adolescents. Issues in the review of adult outpatient therapy. Quality assurance and utilization review of individual medical psychotherapies. Chemical dependency disorders. Eating disorders. Residential treatment centers. Electroconvulsive therapy guidelines and criteria. Psychopharmacological screening criteria. Generic quality screens-psychiatric developed by the Health Care Financing Administration for use by peer review organizations. Guidelines for psychiatric practice in community mental health centers. Psychiatric supervision issues for peer reviewers and guidelines regarding psychiatrists' signatures. Index.

This multiauthored volume presents a clear, thoughtful summary of the aims, rationale, and methods of quality assurance in psychiatry. It is both authoritative and comprehensive.—Hospital and Community Psychiatry

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