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Stress, Mental Disorders, and Health

Edited by Karl Goodkin, M.D., Ph.D., and Adriaan P. Visser, M.D.

  • ISBN 978-0-88048-171-7
  • Item #8171


Psychoneuroimmunology has emerged as a discipline advancing our knowledge of the relationships among psychosocial factors, the central nervous system, the immune system, and disease. The growing volume of evidence suggests that psychological states, including exposure to stressors and the presence of depressive states, may influence health and disease by altering immunologic states.

Psychoneuroimmunology, a collaborative work of 50 international experts, expands on the American Psychiatric Association’s symposium on this topic to present never-before-compiled scientific research from this evolving field. Maintaining a clinical focus, this book illustrates clinical effects by examining relevant research studies and models including

  • Psychoneuroimmunological factors involved in specific illnesses such as cervical cancer, breast cancer and HIV/AIDS
  • The role psychoneuroimmunology plays in carcinogenesis and the progression of established tumors, as well as findings on the progression of cancer that have general clinical relevance
  • The effects of specific psychotropic medications; the effects of life stressors, bereavement, and and social support; the response to those stressors; and stress management and psychosocial predictors of disease
  • The impacts of gender-specific factors, diurnal variation, and behavioral genetics on the immune function
  • The Stressor-Support-Coping model, which integrates existing psychoneuroimmunology findings and lays the groundwork for use in support group intervention

This book is a first step toward organizing psychoneuroimmunology findings into coherent theoretical models and concludes with a look at future clinical applications. Complete with charts, references, and a detailed index, it is the most comprehensive source on psychoneuroimmunology.


    Introduction to the Progress in Psychiatry Series
    Chapter 1. Stress, depression, immunity, and health
    Chapter 2. Behavioral states and immune responsiveness
    Chapter 3. Cervical cancer: Psychosocial and psychoneuroimmunologic issues
    Chapter 4. Neoadjuvant immunostimulation in oncologic surgery
    Chapter 5. Psychoneuroimmune and endocrine effects on cancer progression
    Chapter 6. Longitudinal psychoneuroimmunologic relationships in the natural history of HIV-1 infection: the stressor-support-coping model
    Chapter 7. Cognitive function in HIV-1 infection
    Chapter 8. Immune function, brain, and HIV-1 infection
    Chapter 9. Stress management and psychosocial predictors of disease course in HIV-1 infection
    Chapter 10. Bereavement, immunity, and the impact of bereavement support groups in HIV-1 infection
    Chapter 11. Psychoneuroimmunology: perspectives of an immunologist

About the Authors

Karl Goodkin, M.D., Ph.D., is in the Departments of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and Neurology and Psychology at the University of Miami School of Medicine in Miami, Florida. He also works at the Helen Dowling Institute for Biopsychosocial Medicine, Rotterdam, in the Netherlands.

Adriaan P. Visser, Ph.D., is with the Helen Dowling Institute for Biopsychosocial Medicine, Rotterdam, in the Netherlands.

This is an outstanding book of the current research on the interactions between psychosocial factors, central nervous system, and disease. Edited and authored by internationally recognized researchers, this book is a valuable contribution to this field.—Doody’s Health Sciences Book Review Journal

This is a well-written compilation of papers on the current state of knowledge in the field.—American Journal of Psychiatry 158:10, 10/1/2001

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