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Assessment of Neuropsychological Functions in Psychiatric Disorders

Edited by Avraham Calev, D.Phil., Ph.D.

  • ISBN 978-0-88048-912-6
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In recent years, neuropsychology has contributed significantly to our knowledge of many psychiatric disorders. Clinicians and researchers frequently use neuropsychological evidence in their daily work to understand the diagnostic picture as well as the patients strengths and limitations in everyday functioning.

Assessment of Neuropsychological Functions in Psychiatric Disorders covers findings on all major psychiatric disorders. A result of a joint effort by over twenty experts in their field, this book looks at neuropsychological management, treatment, and rehabilitation of psychiatric patients, including

  • A concise review of neuropsychological assessment methods and their application to psychiatric patients

  • Global cognitive effects with respect to duration, extent, and residual effects

  • Neuropsychological functions in disorders, such as schizophrenia, affective illness, non-affective disorders, personality disorders, childhood mental disorders, chronic medical illness with psychiatric manifestations, geriatric and dementing conditions, and drug and alcohol abuse

  • A look at the narrow margin between mental and organic dysfunctions

  • The interaction of phenomenological, neurobiological, and neuropsychological findings in childhood disorders

  • The effects of drugs and alcohol on neuropsychological functions and brain functions.

Complete with extensive references, tables, and forms, this comprehensive volume aims to provide clinicians and researchers with an overview of clinical assessment, treatment, management, and rehabilitation for neuropsychological functions in psychiatric disorders.


  • Clinical neuropsychological assessment of psychiatric disorders. Neuropsychology of schizophrenia and related disorders. Neuropsychology of affective disorders. Neuropsychology of nonpsychotic, nonaffective, psychiatric disorders. Neuropsychology of childhood mental disorders: interaction of phenomenological, neurobiological, and neuropsychological findings. Neuropsychological functions in personality disorders. Neuropsychological findings in chronic medical illness. Neuropsychological assessment in dementing conditions. Neuropsychology and neuroimaging of alcohol and illicit drug abuse. Neuopsychological management, treatment, and rehabilitation of psychiatric patients. Index.

About the Authors

Avraham Calev, Ph.D., is Director of the Assessment and Counseling Center of Long Island, in Smithtown, New York. He has held significant academic appointments at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Bar Ilan University, and the State University of New York at Stony Brook.

Assessment of Neuropsychological Functions in Psychiatric Disorders is a source to which I can see myself returning frequently, and I would highly recommend this book to practitioners and post-graduate students alike.—Irish Journal of Psychiatric Medicine

Dr. Calev, an eminent neuropsychologist with extensive experience in assessing psychological functions in the severe mentally ill, brings reports of the latest research findings in the major mental disorders in the principal classes of DSM-IV. The chapters on testing in children and the rehabilitation of psychiatric patients are innovative. An excellent text for college and post-graduate education.—Max Fink, M.D., Professor of Psychiatry, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, St. James, New York

This collection of 10 chapters by leading figures in this area will be an invaluable handbook for both clinicians and researchers. It provides comprehensive and authoritative coverage of the behavioral and physiological indices of neurological function associated with all the major psychiatric disorders in a clear and practical style.—Andrew Monk, Reader in Psychology, University of York, Heslington, York, United Kingdom

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