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The Psychiatrist's Managed Care Primer

American Psychiatric Association

  • 1997
  • 106 Pages
  • ISBN 978-0-89042-450-6
  • Item #2450

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Because an increasing number of patients are covered through managed care plans, psychiatrists need to understand the managed care system in order to answer their patients' questions and ensure the continued prosperity of their practices. To assist clinicians in these challenging times, The Psychiatrist's Managed Care Primer arms psychiatrists with the information and tools they need to flourish within the managed care environment while simultaneously delivering quality patient care. This monograph provides an overview of the evolution of this industry; detailed explanations of current managed care models, operations, and anticipated trends; and practical advice on key problem areas. It focuses on the pressing issues of utilization management and capitation as well as important regulatory, ethical, and legal issues psychiatrists confront under this system. The potential impact that managed care systems have on their patient referrals, clinical decision-making autonomy, and income is also examined closely.

Equipped with the sophisticated understanding of managed care supplied by this primer, psychiatrists can make the important decisions that will ensure the survival of their practice.


  • Introduction. Executive summary. The evolution of psychiatric financing and the use of managed care. How managed mental health programs operate: controlling service costs. How managed mental health programs operate: controlling utilization of services. Psychiatrists working in managed care. Legal and regulatory issues for psychiatrists working in managed care. APA resources and services for psychiatrists working in managed care. Managed care bibliography. Managed care glossary.

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