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Introduction to Occupational Psychiatry

Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry

  • 1993
  • 112 Pages
  • ISBN 978-0-87318-206-5
  • Item #7206

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Over one-third of our lives is dedicated to the workplace. Accordingly, occupational psychiatrists strive to understand the psychological impact of the workplace on an employee's emotional health. They also study the effects of a patient's psychiatric disorder on this environment.

Introduction to Occupational Psychiatry presents the importance of the workplace in psychiatric treatment. In addition, the book explores the numerous opportunities for employment in occupational psychiatry and defines the necessary steps to obtain one of these positions.


  • Introduction. Models of consultation for occupational psychiatrists. Rewards and challenges. Pathways into occupational psychiatry. Guidelines for the occupational psychiatrist. Afterword. Appendix. Bibliography. GAP committees and membership. GAP publications. Index.

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