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Forced Into Treatment

The Role of Coercion in Clinical Practice

Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry

  • 1993
  • 152 Pages
  • ISBN 978-0-87318-205-8
  • Item #7205

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What role does coercion play in psychiatric treatment? Does it increase or decrease the chances for successful outcome?

Forced Into Treatment discusses various aspects of coercion ranging from the role of coercion in initiation psychiatric treatment to its effect on treatment process and outcome. The book demonstrated that a patient who is appropriately forced into treatment can more from initial defiance, through reluctant compliance, to a successful therapeutic alliance and a successful outcome.

In addition, Forced Into Treatment addresses

  • the role of coercion, power, and authority in socializing children
  • the use of coercive social pressure as a motivation to seek help
  • the effects of court-ordered treatment for people who have refused psychiatric help
  • the historical and legal aspects regarding coercive treatment


  • Introduction. Coercion in child psychiatric treatment. Coercion by employers to combat substance abuse. Treatment as the condition of probation: the need for consequences. Civil commitment and involuntary treatment: historical and legal trends. Civil commitment and involuntary treatment: professional, patient, and family perspectives. Commitment to outpatient treatment. Coercion in psychiatric treatment of prisoners. Mandated therapy in military settings. Summary. The continuum of voluntary and forced treatment. When does forced treatment work. Conclusion. GAP committees and membership. GAP publications. Index.

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