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Medical-Psychiatric Practice

Edited by G. Alan Stoudemire, M.D., and Barry S. Fogel, M.D.

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This volume is the first in a series of succinct, analytical reviews of advances in the psychiatric care of medically ill patients. Supported by comprehensive, up-to-date references from psychiatric, neurologic, and medical literature, this series will continually update the busy clinician on research and practical developments in psychopharmacology, diagnostic techniques, and psychosocial therapies for medically ill patients. Subspecialty topics will cover areas in which there has been either substantial new progress or little review in the literature.

Under the guidance of an eminent editorial advisory board, the first volume in this series features critical reviews of the latest advances in psychopharmacology and diagnostic techniques. Thirty-five distinguished contributors, all well known in their specialty areas, offer substantive, practical advice on important areas of medical psychiatry.


  • Recent Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment.

    Advances in neuroimaging technologies. Psychopharmacology in the medically ill: an update. Anesthetic management of the high-risk medical patient receiving electroconvulsive therapy. Special technical considerations in laboratory testing for illicit drugs. Advances in EEG-based diagnostic technologies.

    Specific Syndromes and Disease Categories.

    Psychiatric aspects of hematologic disorders. Human immunodeficiency virus and other infectious disorders affecting the central nervous system. Dermatology. Heart and liver transplantation.

    Clinical Neuropsychiatry.

    Diagnosis and management of patients with frontal lobe syndromes. Headache syndromes. Neuroleptic malignant syndrome: clinical presentation, pathophysiology, and treatment.

    Child and Adolescent Medical Psychiatry.

    Psychopharmacology in medically ill children and adolescents. Family therapy in the context of childhood medical illness. Pharmacotherapy of severe psychiatric disorders in mentally retarded individuals.

    Special Topics.

    Psychopharmacological and behavioral treatment of nicotine dependence: nicotine as a drug of abuse. Psychiatric aspects of medical disability. Psychotropic drug use in pregnancy: an update.

About the Authors

Alan Stoudemire, M.D., was Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Director of Medical Student Education in Psychiatry at Emory University School of Medicine, and Chief of Psychiatry at Emory University Hospital and Clinic in Atlanta, Georgia.

Barry S. Fogel, M.D., is the Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island.

The expertise of the contributors makes this volume a stimulating one. It is a tribute to the editors that the book is both cohesive and readable. This text is a keeper. It is one of the more useful books regarding the care of patients on a medical psychiatry ward, as well as those seen on consultation services.—American Journal of Psychiatry

It provides a comprehensive, up-to-date review of relevant topics germane to the work of both general and medical psychiatrists.—General Hospital Psychiatry

What is abundantly clear is that the standard of practice is moving rapidly upward and that the work of obtaining and maintaining knowledge and proficiency in [the] medical psychiatric practice is rising to a pace to challenge the best and the brightest. It is here that collections of timely and definitive reviews such as this one play a valuable role.—Philip C. Lindsay, M.D., University of Washington, and Charles Kent Smith, M.D., Case Western Reserve University

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