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Concise Guide to Psychiatry for Primary Care Practitioners

Edited by Michael F. Gliatto, M.D., Stanley N. Caroff, M.D., and Robert M. Kaiser, M.D., M.H.SC.

  • ISBN 978-0-88048-345-2
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Because of reluctance to acknowledge a behavioral or psychiatric problem or a fear of social stigmatization, many patients with mental illness are likely to seek treatment from primary care practitioners rather than psychiatrists. Especially now with managed care requirements, the primary care practitioner is called upon to competently screen and possibly manage mental illnesses in patients before refering to a psychiatrist.

Concise Guide to Psychiatry for Primary Care Practitioners is designed as a quick reference to help primary care practitioners to better understand, diagnose, and initially manage mental illnesses. This easy-to-read manual represents the collaborative efforts of 17 experienced psychiatrists from a variety of specialties. Specifically, it covers:

  • A practical approach to screening and managing patients with psychiatric disorders
  • The most recent developments in psychopharmacology and lists recommended dosages for medications
    General guidelines for treatment of many psychiatric disorders
  • Recommendations on when to refer patients to psychiatrists
  • Conditions likely to be encountered in the primary care setting including mood disorders, anxiety disorders, substance use disorders, cognitive disorders, somatoform disorders, psychotic disorders, sexual disorders, sleep disorders, and eating disorders
  • Effective strategies in treating patients that can be difficult to manage and provides guidance for primary care physicians in anticipating and preventing both suicide and violence

With more than 50 supplemental tables containing helpful summaries of diagnostic criteria, medications, and management techniques, this user-friendly guide is a practical on-the-job reference.


  • Preface. Mood disorders. Anxiety disorders. Substance use disorders. Cognitive disorders. Somatoform and related disorders. Psychotic disorders. Difficult doctor-patient relationships. Sexual disorders. Sleep disorders. Eating and weight disorders. Suicide and violence. Index.

About the Authors

Michael F. Gliatto, M.D., is a Clinical Assistant Professor in Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Stanley N. Caroff, M.D., is a Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Robert Kaiser, M.D., is an Assistant Professor of Medicine and General Internal Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Concise Guide to Psychiatry for Primary Care Practitioners will be a particularly useful book for educators needing an introductory text which covers the broad range of psychiatric material representative of the patients a primary care clinician is likely to encounter during a day at the office. Primary care residents will find the book valuable; its many tables and mnemonics will assist in readily learning and remembering the material. Written principally by psychiatrists, it will also help primary care physicians in understanding how to practice collaboratively with our colleagues in psychiatry to the greatest benefit of our patients.—Lorna Lynn, M.D., Director of Ambulatory Education, Division of General Internal Medicine, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Reading through it was indeed an enjoyable experience. The chapters are lucidly written, and each forms a self-contained whole for its subject of interest. This makes it easy to use the guide as a handy reference for Family Practitioners. I might have moved the chapter on Suicide and Violence toward the beginning, but otherwise the organization follows reasonably the psychiatric disorders in terms of the likelihood of a Family Practitioner encountering them.—Edward A. Volkman, M.D., Associate Professor & Director, Residency Training, Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Concise Guide to Psychiatry for Primary Care Practitioners demystifies the complexities of dealing with psychiatric problems in the office setting, presenting important information in a digestible narrative form. Key facts, definitions, and treatment recommendations are presented in clear, concise tables and figures. The book provides easy accessibility to solid, up-to-date information. It is certain to be of significant value to the busy primary care professional.—Adam S. Wilifofsky, Ph.D., Assistant Director, Family and Community Medicine, Lancaster General Hospital, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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