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Surviving Childhood Cancer

A Guide for Families

Margot J. Fromer

  • ISBN 978-0-88048-668-2
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The outlook for children with cancer has improved greatly in the past several decades. Still, cancer in a child is an overwhelming experience for a family. Surviving Childhood Cancer: A Guide for Families describes the illness, its treatment, and how it changes the lives of both the child with cancer and his or her family. Although there is no simple recipe for survival, there are ways to make the experience of cancer more bearable. Written with great sensitivity and understanding, this book provides practical advice about

  • how to cope with emotions and stress
  • how to handle communication about the illness with the child as well as with family members, friends, classmates, employers, and others
  • where to obtain information and help
  • how to develop honest and trusting relationships with medical caregivers

Interwoven throughout the text are many insightful and inspirational stories of those who have faced and survived cancer. Through these stories, the reader learns how others have not only gotten through the ordeal but also emerged from it stronger and more aware of what is truly important in life.


  • The diagnosis. Emotions. Aftermath of the diagnosis. What cancer is. Treatment. Information and practical help. Help for parents and children. Adapting and coping. Family and friends. Siblings and grandparents. Paying for treatment. School. The long haul. Ethical issues. Appendix A: Resources. Appendix B: Glossary. Appendix C: Bibliography. Index.

About the Authors

Margot Joan Fromer is the author of a dozen nonfiction books on health and medicine, as well as many magazine and journal articles. Her subjects range from AIDS to health policy to women's health issues. She has also published two novels, which are mysteries with a medical twist, and is at work on a third. Ms. Fromer teaches health writing and journalistic research at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. She lives in Silver Spring, Maryland.

The author, who has written fiction and nonfiction books on health and medicine, takes the very complex subject of childhood cancer and presents its many issues with a clarity and coherence that make her book a valuable resource for patients and their families. . . This book deserves the attention of everyone interested in the world of childhood cancer.—READINGS: A Journal of Reviews and Commentary in Mental Health

Surviving Childhood Cancer: A Guide for Familiesis a good book. [There have been] many similar attempts at helping families cope and would rate this one among the very best. Caregivers [should] bring it to the attention of families, and that hospitals who care for children with cancer stock it in their patient libraries.—The Cancer Bulletin

Surviving Childhood Cancer: A Guide for Families meets a tremendous need for easy-to-read, simple-to understand information about the childhood cancer experience. . . . The book is filled with hopeful, inspirational stories that should be interesting and uplifting to families involved in any stage of the pediatric cancer experience.—Oncology News International

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