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Mental Retardation

Developing Pharmacotherapies

Edited by John J. Ratey, M.D.

  • ISBN 978-0-88048-452-7
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In the last few years, psychiatry in the field of mental retardation has begun to reexamine the subtler effects of the medications it employs. This volume is designed to further our understanding of the pharmacologic treatability of the mental illnesses that individuals with mental retardation often display.

The book shows how mentally retarded patients can benefit from pharmacological interventions that are part of a multisystems approach to treatment, the aim of which is to maintain or increase the cognitive functioning of the individual. In this respect, pharmacologic and polypharmacologic approaches are sought to provide more efficacious, less toxic treatment regimens for these patients. New insights into the nature of neurological disturbance in mental retardation are presented, and the book offers a practical guide to the treatment of developmentally disabled people.


  • Neuropsychiatry and mental retardation. Mental illness in the mentally retarded: diagnostic clarity as a prelude to psychopharmacological interventions. TMS: a system for prevention and control. ?-blockers as primary treatment for aggression and self-injury in the developmentally disabled. Use of anticonvulsant agents for treatment of neuropsychiatric disorders in the developmentally disabled. Effects of opioid receptor antagonists in treatment of autism and self-injurious behavior. Amantadine: profile of use in the developmentally disabled.

The book is useful to anyone who has questions about the current status of psychopharmacological treatment for people who have developmental disabilities and who is searching for new models and/or new medications.—American Journal on Mental Retardation

This book grew out of a symposium at a meeting of the American Psychiatric Association and is intended mainly for psychiatrists, but psychologists and other professionals working with people with developmental disabilities and behavior problems will find the book instructive as well.—Contemporary Psychology

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