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Seeking Value

Balancing Cost and Quality in Psychiatric Care Edited by Wesley Sowers, M.D., and Jules M. Ranz, M.D. 2021

Transference-Focused Psychotherapy for Adolescents With Severe Personality Disorders

Lina Normandin, Ph.D., Karin Ensink, Ph.D., Alan Weiner, Ph.D., and Otto F. Kernberg, M.D. 2021

Treatment of Psychological Distress in Parents of Premature Infants

PTSD in the NICU Edited by Richard J. Shaw, M.D., and Sarah Horwitz, Ph.D. 2021

The American Journal of Psychiatry

Official Journal of the American Psychiatric Association Edited by Ned H. Kalin, M.D. 2020

The American Journal of Psychotherapy

Edited by Holly A. Swartz, M.D. 2020
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