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Persistent Links and ISBNs

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Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-0-89042-559-6
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-0-89042-554-1

DSM-5® Handbook of Differential Diagnosis
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-58562-999-2
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-58562-462-1

DSM-5® Clinical Cases
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-58562-483-6
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-58562-468-3

DSM-5® Handbook on the Cultural Formulation Interview
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-356-7
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-58562-492-8

Spanish Edition of the Desk Reference to the Diagnostic Criteria From DSM-5®
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-0-89042-565-7
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-0-89042-551-0



American Journal of Psychiatry
Online ISSN/ISBN: 1535-7228
Print ISSN/ISBN: 0002-953X

American Journal of Psychotherapy
Online ISSN/ISBN: 2575-6559
Print ISSN/ISBN: Non-applicable

Psychiatric News
Online ISSN/ISBN: 1559-1255
Print ISSN/ISBN: 0033-2704

Psychiatric Research and Clinical Practice 
Online ISSN/ISBN: 2575-5609
Print ISSN/ISBN: Non-applicable

Psychiatric Services
Online ISSN/ISBN: 1557-9700
Print ISSN/ISBN: 1075-2730

Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences
Online ISSN/ISBN: 1545-7222
Print ISSN/ISBN: 0895-0172



Introductory Textbook of Psychiatry, Seventh Edition
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-375-8
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-312-3

The American Psychiatric Association Publishing Textbook of Forensic Psychiatry, Third Edition
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-191-4
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-067-2

The American Psychiatric Publishing Textbook of Geriatric Psychiatry, 5th Edition
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-005-4
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-58562-484-3

The American Psychiatric Association Publishing Textbook Of Neuropsychiatry And Clinical Neurosciences, Sixth Edition
Online ISSN/ISBN 978-1-61537-242-3
Print ISSN/ISBN 978-1-58562-487-4

The American Psychiatric Publishing Textbook of Psychiatry
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-298-0
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-150-1

The American Psychiatric Publishing Textbook of Psychopharmacology, Fifth Edition
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-162-4
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-58562-523-9

The American Psychiatric Association Publishing Textbook Of Psychosomatic Medicine And Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry, Third Edition
Online ISSN/ISBN 978-1-61537-199-0
Print ISSN/ISBN 978-1-61537-136-5

The American Psychiatric Publishing Textbook of Substance Abuse Treatment
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-58562-344-0
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-58562-472-0

Gabbard's Treatments of Psychiatric Disorders
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-58562-298-6
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-58562-216-0

Textbook of Psychotherapeutic Treatments
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-58562-364-8
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-58562-304-4

Dulcan's Textbook of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, 2nd Edition
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-030-6
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-58562-493-5

Manual of Clinical Psychopharmacology, 9th Edition
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-299-7
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-230-0

Textbook of Traumatic Brain Injury, 3rd Edition 
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-264-5
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-112-9

APA Practice Guidelines for the Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-0-89042-395-0
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-0-89042-385-1

Care of Military Service Members, Veterans, and Their Families
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-58562-516-1
Print ISSN/ISBN: 78-1-58562-424-9

Clinical Manual of Geriatric Psychiatry
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-001-6
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-58562-441-6

Integrated Care: Working at the Interface of Primary Care and Behavioral Health
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-000-9
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-58562-480-5

Management of Adults With Traumatic Brain Injury
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-58562-515-4
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-58562-404-1

Positive Psychiatry: A Clinical Handbook
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-081-8
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-58562-495-9


For Patients

Understanding Mental Disorders: A Patient and Family Resource
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-074-0
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-58562-491-1

What Your Patients Need to Know about Psychiatric Medications
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-128-0
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-58562-508-6

Helping Parents, Youth, and Teachers Understand Medications for Behavioral and Emotional Problems
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-58562-368-6
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-58562-253-5


Study Guides

Study Guide to Geriatric Psychiatry
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-108-2

Study Guide to Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-200-3

Study Guide to Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-297-3

Study Guide to Psychiatry
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-015-3

Study Guide to Substance Abuse Treatment
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-047-4


Psychotherapy Package

Download Links and ISBNs

Basics of Psychotherapy: A Practical Guide to Improving Clinical Success
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-615-37-265-2
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-076-4

Boundaries and Boundary Violations in Psychoanalysis, 2nd Edition
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-102-0
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-017-7

Cognitive-Behavior Therapy for Children and Adolescents
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-095-5
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-58562-406-5

Cognitive-Behavior Therapy for Severe Mental Illness: An Illustrated Guide
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-089-4
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-58562-321-1

Competency in Combining Pharmacotherapy and Psychotherapy: Integrated and Split Treatment, 2nd Edition
Online ISSN/ISBN 978-1-61537-208-9
Print ISSN/ISBN 978-1-61537-066-5

Competency in Combining Pharmacotherapy and Psychotherapy: Integrated and Split Treatment: Core Competencies in Psychotherapy
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-086-3
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-58562-143-9

High-Yield Cognitive-Behavior Therapy for Brief Sessions: An Illustrated Guide
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-092-4
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-58562-362-4

Learning Solution-Focused Therapy: An Illustrated Guide
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-098-6
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-58562-452-2

Learning Supportive Psychotherapy, Second Edition
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-373-4
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-234-8

Long-Term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy A Basic Text, Third Edition: Core Competencies in Psychotherapy
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-147-1
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-053-5

Long-Term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy: A Basic Text, Second Edition: Core Competencies in Psychotherapy
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-090-0
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-58562-385-3

Mentalizing in Clinical Practice
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-088-7
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-58562-306-8

Motivational Interviewing for Clinical Practice
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-186-0
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-046-7

Normal Child and Adolescent Development: A Psychodynamic Primer
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-097-9
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-58562-436-2

Play Therapy
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-366-6
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-043-6

Principles and Techniques of Trauma-Centered Psychotherapy
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-103-7
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-58562-514-7

Psychodynamic Therapy For Personality Pathology
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-352-9
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-58562-459-1

Psychodynamic Treatment of Depression, Second Edition
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-101-3
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-035-1

Psychotherapy for the Treatment of Substance Abuse
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-129-7
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-58562-390-7

Textbook of Psychoanalysis, Second Edition
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-094-8
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-58562-410-2

The Art and Science of Brief Psychotherapies A Practitioner’s Guide, Third Edition
Online ISSN/ISBN 978-1-61537-207-2
Print ISSN/ISBN 978-1-61537-066-5

The Art and Science of Brief Psychotherapies: An Illustrated Guide, Second Edition: Core Competencies in Psychotherapy
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-093-1
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-58562-396-9

The Psychoanalytic Model of the Mind
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-099-3
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-58562-471-3

Transference-Focused Psychotherapy for Borderline Personality Disorder: A Clinical Guide
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-100-6
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-58562-437-9

Treatment Planning for Psychotherapists: A Practical Guide to Better Outcomes, Third Edition
Online ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-104-4
Print ISSN/ISBN: 978-1-61537-029-0